CMS (Central Management System) software for Windows and macOS. Centrally manage your EZCast Pro II series and QuattroPod series devices on one network.

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What exactly is CMS?

CMS (Central Management System) is a software application which enables central management of your EZCast Pro II and QuattroPod devices.

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It provides the following features:

  • Overview dashboard of used devices including device status, IP address, firmware version, etc.
  • Organize wireless display devices into groups.
  • Mass deployment and configuration of all your QuattroPod and EZCast Pro II devices.
  • Schedule restarts and firmware upgrades for multiple devices.

The software is available for Windows and macOS.

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The following two videos explain how to use the emergency broadcasting and timer control features in the CMS software.

CMS Trial Version

Why not try out the CMS software for yourself? You can download a trial version of the CMS software from the manufacturer's website using the following links:

The Highlights

EZCast Pro II series + QuattroPod series

No matter you have devices from the EZCast Pro II series, the QuattroPod series, or a mixture or both in use. With the CMS, all devices are managed with just one software.


Keep track of all EZCast Pro II/QuattroPod devices in your network. See important information such as device status, IP address or current firmware version in one overview.


Grouping devices into device groups makes daily work with the CMS easier. For example, you can assign unit groups to specific floors or buildings.

Mass Deployment and Configuration

Deploy standard configurations to each EZCast Pro II series or QuattroPod series device with ease.

Maximum 255 Devices

With one CMS product key you can manage up to 255 EZCast Pro II series or QuattroPod series devices in the CMS software.


In the event of an emergency situation, the CMS can be used by the administrator to interrupt and replace the current screen transmissions with evacuation information.


Schedule daily restart times of devices and when automatic firmware updates should take place.


The CMS software is supported by both Windows and macOS.



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Product key for CMS Software

Licence Type Product key licensed for the full version of the CMS software on one computer and one user.
Benefits of Full Version Manage up to 255 units instead of max. 3 units.
No advertising.
Software is upgradable.
Requirements CMS and EZCast Pro II/QuattroPod must be in the same network.
Computer requires an internet connection.
Supported Devices EZCast Pro Dongle II
EZCast Pro Box II
QuattroPod Lite
QuattroPod USB
QuattroPod Mini
QuattroPod Standard
QuattroPod Deluxe
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7/8/10
macOS 10.12 or above
Manufacturer Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd, Taiwan